What are our projects?

Current active projects

Possible future projects

Current Status April 2019:

  • Members of MHSI: 83
  • Radio network members: 82

83 members toward our target of 80


Working with each other

MLPORA are awesome in their tireless endeavour to keep our suburb running smoothly and we love their umbrella approach and work hand in hand with them.

The MHSI was created for the sole purpose of security and safety in our community. This single focus means there are no complex conflicts of interests to disentangle. The easier it is to collaborate, the more people can actively anticipate in the prevention of, as well as the immediate response to crime incidents in our area.

Together MLPORA and MHSI share ideas and data enabling both organisations to optimally perform their purpose to benefit all of the residents in Muckleneuk/Lukasrand.

Who else is involved?

We are happy to be working with:

  • The Sunnyside SAPS.
  • The armed response companies: ADT and Interactive Security.
  • Muckleneuk Lukasrand Property Owners and Residents Association (MLPORA).
  • The Groenkloof Safety Initiative.
  • Groenkloof residents Association
  • Parks board and Unisa