It’s time to stand together

Muckleneuk Hill Security Initiative is a platform for residents of Muckleneuk and Lukasrand to work together towards safeguarding the safety and security of our neighbourhood.

What we do depends on your contribution—our collective time, money and general willingness to be there for one another determines what we can do, and at what pace.

The Muckleneuk Hill Security Initiative was officially started in March 2013 when a few residents got together to address the increasing crime problem in the area. This is an initiative driven by residents to improve safety in the suburb and is run on a purely voluntary basis.

MHSI is registered as a non-profit organisation with the following goals:

  • to make residents aware of the types of crime occurring in this suburb
  • to make residents aware of safety measures they can implement
  • to focus on preventative measures to fight crime
  • to drive special security related projects in the area
  • to support security providers operating in the area
  • to build a connected and caring community neighbourhood

Community driven security initiatives elsewhere have successfully proven to:

  • Make residents feel safer
  • Dramatically reduce crime incidences (some to zero)
  • Increase property values
  • Back each other up

The steering committee gained knowledge from other neighbourhoods which had successfully implemented schemes to combat crime and believe that a scheme like this in our neighbourhood could produce similar results. The success would depend on the amount of support from the residents.

Security companies react to alarms. The goal is to reduce and prevent crime prior to the alarms in a house being activated or the need for panic buttons to be used.