Report a Crime – Please report everything!

In order to fight crime, we need reliable information: information about incidents of crime that are occurring, but also information regarding the people in our area, their employees and contractors operating in the area.
We are currently only collecting information about incidents. Small incidents like stolen metal pipes or hosepipes are sometimes precursors to more serious crime.

Please report all crime—even seemingly innocuous crimes to [email protected] Knowing the address where an incident took place, the time and a short description is very valuable.

Help needed!
We need people willing and able to collect accurate information when incidents happen. We meet the resident and gain first hand details of what occurred.
These volunteers would need to go to the location of the incident and collect and verify information related to the incident. Information such as:
* The exact time the incident happened.
* What happened.
* Modus operandi of the criminals.
* Possible identifying information, such as the type and registration of car used (if any), descriptions of criminals, etc.
* An assessment of what security measures worked and what not. For example, if locks were broken, what types of lock were broken; if they could get over an electric fence—what made it possible, etc.
* Whether any contractors were working on the premises recently, and their information.