Video Examples

A human operator watching dozens of hundreds of screens will soon get fatigued. A camera with AI (Artificial Intelligence) can be taught both to watch for specific events and/or alert the human operator when it detects any unexpected behavior.

1. Car going the wrong way

In this example, the camera was not taught to alert the operator when a car violates traffic rules. After observing the scene for a few days, the camera has learned what is "normal". It spots a car driving in the wrong direction and alerts the operator to the unusual behavior.

2. Cellphone snatcher

In this example, the camera was not taught to be on the lookout for cellphone thieves. However, the sudden movements of the getaway vehicle and the perpetrator are unusual and the camera alerts the operator.

3. Trolley with stolen goods

In this example (edited to form a story) the camera alerts the operator about trolley movement. The operator contacts SAPS and local security companies who apprehend the perpetrators and recover stolen goods from the trolley.