Establishing a 2nd Security Company

Establishment of second dedicated security company

Project drivers

ADT is one of the dedicated security company in the Muckleneuk & Lukasrand area, as chosen by the residents association. While we value the contribution of ADT and see them as an important partner, MHSI believes that having two dedicated companies operating in an area is an optimal solution. Some reasons:

  • Healthy competition
  • One company can act as back up for the other
  • Companies can team up / pool resources for special operations
  • Residents have a viable alternative of who they want to deal with primarily
  • Different companies, different thought, everyone learns and benefits

MHSI has chosen “Interactive Security” as the second entrant. Interactive Security is a medium outfit that operates in several suburbs of Pretoria, and comes highly recommended. They are the ones who assisted in setting up the radio network.

The first Interactive Security response/patrol car is in our area, alongside ADT’s activities.

Residents are asked to support both companies by signing up for alarm monitoring with one of them, and a panic button with the other.

Just to clarify what this means:

Alarm Monitoring
This is where an antenna is placed in your alarm and automatically communicates with the company

Panic Button

This is where there is a remote placed in your house on which you can activate the panic button. A silent alarm will go off in the control room, as well on the device of the security officer in the area. It shows immediately your address and house number.

For example, a resident can sign up with Interactive Security for Alarm Monitoring, and with ADT for Panic—or vice versa.

Not too bad for a great solution. This is especially useful for clients that are on the Radio Network—having both companies respond to a pro-active or reactive radio call.

As with any business, it has to be financially viable for Interactive Security to keep a dedicated car in the area. We agreed to the following targets with  based Interactive Security on monthly premium revenue for financial viability:

Financial targetAlarm monitoring customersDedicated vehicle availability
R5,00012Daily 3 hours
R12,00031Daily 8 hours
R20,00051Daily 14 hours
R30,00077Daily 24 hours
R40,000103(Sustainable for the company)
Current position: R10,740

 Please help support this initiative. If you are interested in joining Inter Active Security, please contact them directly:

Contact                Schalk Meyer                
Tel072 385 1195                  081 752 5382
Email[email protected]

[email protected]